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From august 2018 till June 2019 the Director of CASCADD – Elnura Omurkulova-Ozierska – was appointed as a national team leader for the development of National Monitoring Tool aimed for supervising the Kyrgyz Law “On reproductive rights and guarantees for their implementation”. Elnura Omurkulova-Ozierska together with the representatives of UNFPA, КАПС and other members of working group hold a training for the field officers and MPs.



Akyikatchy (Ombudsman) of the Kyrgyz Republic

In 2019 CASCADD and Akyikatchy (Ombudsman) of the Kyrgyz Republic has signed a MoU in the Rule of Law sphere.






In April 2018 the staff of CASCADD together with the NISS colleagues prepared the methodology and pilot research on the tier II of SDG 16 on the «Population satisfaction with public services in Kyrgyzstan» financed by the UNDP Office.






Strategy Development Center

Центр “Стратегия Развития” (Ташкент, Узбекистан)

From October till December 2019 CASCADD has participated at the regional research on transport corridors together with Strategy Center (Uzbekistan), Institute for Eurasian Integration (Astana, Kazakhstan) and Eurasian Research Institute (Almaty, Kazakhstan) with financial and expert support from Peace Nexus Foundation.


Peace Nexus Foundation

In September 2017, the Director of the CASCADD, together with PeaceNexus Foundation prepared the first report for the UN Security Council under Resolution 2250 of the UNSC “Youth, Peace and Security” on the situation of youth in Kyrgyzstan.

лого ниси

National Institute for Strategic Studies of the Kyrgyz Republic

Национальный институт стратегических исследований Кыргызской Республики 

In 2016, together with the NISS KR, the first Rule of Law Index of the Kyrgyz Republic was developed. The Director of the CASCADD participated in the development of methodology, the analysis of sociological data, as well as the presentation of its to wider audience, including the biennial UNDP NEC Conference in Istanbul IN 2017.

Joint activities were also carried out with the NISS KR on the development of the third Extended Migration Profile of the Kyrgyz Republic 2015-2018 in 2018, dedicated to the migration processes in the Kyrgyz Republic, funded by the International Organization for Migration.



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