CASCADD : Outline of major consulting areas 

Investment Climate and Business Risks in Kyrgyzstan

  • General assessment in the key areas required for establishment of successful business & trade relations within Kyrgyzstan (reference type: “Doing Business” report format covering General Business Overview/Market barriers, Business&Political Risk, Legal and Regulatory system, Tax system etc.)
  • Sector assessment (e.g. Finance & Insurance Sector, Metals & Mining sector, Energy Sector) or specific industry (e.g. Coal Mining Industry, Petroleum Industry, Hydropower Industry).
  • Conducting social & political due-diligence of specific projects and comparative studies.

Kyrgyzstan Investment Review

  • Market intelligence (market research and analysis, due-diligence), assist in business/project selection and develop entry strategy in line with brief (statement of interest). We are able to assist with development and support of Company/State Social Responsibility strategy, Government/Public Relationship.
  • Media monitoring focusing on specific projects that includes: media/experts mapping, black PR identification and crisis response in line with client needs.

Political Monitoring and Assessment

  • Systematic or ad-hoc political analysis of issues related to Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia Region including local and international political environment of strategic projects.
  • Political analysis and monitoring of current political process in Kyrgyzstan, and issues related to China’s “One Belt One Road” (OBOR) strategic initiative.
  • Design of Monitoring and Evaluation tools for governmental and non-governmental sector.
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